Lyrical Dance

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Lyrical dance is a style of dance created by merging ballet and jazz. The style is usually danced at a faster pace than ballet but not as fast as jazz. Because of the links between the styles of dance, teachers originally struggled with whether to teach lyrical dance alongside jazz or ballet or as its own, separate style. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song. Because lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, the style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness than the precision of the dancer's movements.Because of this, there is not as much focus on the choreography, and, in fact, the choreography often exists only as a general guide for the dancer, not as a routine that has to be exactly followed


  • The Lyrical style has a relatively recent history and brings together ballet with rock/folk/pop/alternative music and a variety of jazz and modern dance styles.
  • Music used for Lyrical dance is usually emotionally charged and expressive and give dancers a chance to express a range of strong emotions through their dancing. Their movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. It is very passionate and can tell a story through movement
  • Music for this style may consist of many genres including pop, rock, and hip- hop.
  • Movements in lyrical are fluid, continuous, and graceful, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another with little or no stopping, holding finishing steps as long as possible.
  • Lyrical dance tends to cover a large amount of space on the stage or dance room floor. The dancers travel with high and soaring leaps and graceful turns and walks.

20 Seats Available

Level: Beginner

Duration: 3 months

Location: Pune


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